Clairvoyant, Medium and Spiritual Healer

Member of the past life Therapist Association
Smoking cessation diploma



“Tuned in fast and was very accurate on things that have already happened, the future looks rosy too.”


“Excellent reading, hoping and praying predictions come true. Thanks for the info on the perspective job, and reassurance regarding personal relationship. You are amazing, will very blunt and to the point, think I needed to hear what Suzanne told me to enable me to turn my life around and get what I want.”

“Really enjoyed my readying!! Very tuned in and not only what she said but the way she said it resonated with me. I hope all comes to pass as predicted. Many thanks!!”

“She is wonderful. Very detailed. Highly recommended. Very clear”

“Very clear and specific without any questions, I highly recommend, gives timeframes, will see what happens, blessings, Cathleen”