Clairvoyant, Medium and Spiritual Healer

Member of the past life Therapist Association
Smoking cessation diploma

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Before you decide if you would like to have a reading with me, please let me tell you a little about myself: I was born a natural medium and clairvoyant and from a very early age was able to see and hear spirits. I have worked in the UK and abroad, also participating in BBC local radio and Talk Radio with Russell Grant.Over the years I have developed my gifts to help others. Whatever your anxieties I will help you understand your situation and give you guidance

My skill in clairvoyance enable me to see the past, present and future events that take place in your life. I am genuine, honest and accurate. I don’t ask questions, but I do ask for you to have an open mind and allow time to digest what is being said to you. So many people do not give themselves time to reflect and sometimes miss out on what spirit is trying to tell them. If I cannot establish a link within a short space of time I will refund your money.

I have a warm, comfortable nature and a reading from me will leave you feeling stronger and able to cope with life’s problems. As a natural medium, the link between this world and the spirit world is often crossed and loved ones in spirits often bring their love and energies to us, giving evidence of their passing and proof that life does exist after death, reassuring their loved ones that they have found peace. I would like to explain how I work, there are many ways of using our psychic gifts and many methods Crystal, Tarot , psycomatary, tea leaves, palmistry are but a few, and I must say I love them all, and indeed do practice them. Many people come to see me to have a face to face reading depending on the area they live, some travel many miles for this reason and of course I’m happy to see them be it for a clairvoyant reading healing or of course to reunite them with their love ones in the spirit world this is a medium reading. But So many of my readings are taken over the telephone from every part of our country and indeed all over the world, which works equally well, when working with spirit there is no need to see the person you are speaking to tuning in with spirit is all that's needed I ask only if you have a particular area that you need guidance with, and that you have and open mind and to try to relax and then I begin. A reading should cover every aspect of your life Love, family, finances, career, marriage, divorce, moving house, living overseas, health, fertility, there is nothing that spirit cannot guide you with, but remember you have free will and spirit will not tell you what to do the decisions are yours to make but a little peek into the future is always an invaluable thing to have. people some time say if I had a Crystal ball we could see what round the corner I just reply I have, A reading lasts twenty five minutes to half an hour were in all your question will be answered the cost of your reading will be £48.00 this can be recorded if you want and sent to you on CD for further £4.00 to covers post and packaging, allow approx seven days for delivery.

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